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  • We firmly believe there is no need to sacrifice fashion for environmentally friendly products or vice versa, and are constantly seeking the perfect balance. Our design concept is to combine advanced technology with industrial-grade fabric, stock fabric, and recycled material sourced from all over the world, and use it to create hip, high quality accessories that give our customers the perfect portable expression of their own inspired style. We make beautiful, eco-friendly fashion bags in a way that will save lives and build a world that everyone can love, and feel good about! Our goal at VOGATHA is to combine inspired and unique styling with everyday functionality.

  • VOGATHA produces two bag lines. The first is the classic tote bag, which is produced with excess new material from other industries. There are currently around 20 models which are constantly being developed further. The second was launched in 2012 and features women’s bags with advanced technology that perfectly replaces fur. VOGATHA has cultivated a number of prestige collections with diverse designers across Europe and USA since 2005, becoming one of the most beloved classical luxury brands.

  • Fur is the most unnecessary luxury products in the world. One of our key campaign goals is to reduce the supply, demand, and social acceptance of fur in fashion.
  • We aim to end the full cycle of the fur industry, from the traps all the way to the retail outlets selling fur and leather goods. It is our hope that our product development strategy will develop in a similar way to the evolution of nature. Today, many fashion lovers are choosing to buy fur free to keep up with the trends in an ethical way, choosing not to support products that are not environmentally or ecologically friendly.

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